Top ten reasons to oppose a Con Con

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(also called a “CONVENTION OF STATES”)

10. An Article V convention cannot be limited. The text of the Constitution expressly states that only Congress may “call” it, and multiple “Amendments” will be allowed – a plural “s” after “Amendment”.

9. Big liberal states like California and New York would have 10 to 30 times more power at an Article V convention than small conservative states would, because the Supreme Court has required the “one man, one vote” rule since 1964. The House would also require voting based on population.

8. Supporters of the “Convention of States” falsely claim that States would not ratify bad amendments. But state legislatures did ratify the 17th Amendment, often unanimously, even though that took power away from them to elect U.S. Senators. Media pressure to ratify amendments becomes unstoppable.

7. Each of the Democratic and Republican Conventions is chaotic and contentious enough. A joint convention of both parties would have uncontrollable conflicts and an unpredictably bad outcome.

6. The original Constitutional Convention had three essential conditions that do not exist today: (i) secrecy from the media, (ii) participants who fought in the American Revolution against tyranny, and (iii) George Washington presiding. Today, instead of men like Benjamin Franklin who wrote our Constitution, we would have liberals like Barney Frank rewriting our Constitution.

5. Tactics of the Left are being used to try to pass a “Convention of States.” That project is funded by secret donors who have hidden agendas. There are wealthy globalists who do not like our Constitution for many reasons. One of the prominent directors of the Convention of States has also been a leader of the “Never Trump” movement, which has helped only Hillary Clinton.

4. The first thing liberals would do in an Article V convention is to attempt to repeal the Second Amendment, and also to insert a right to taxpayer-funded abortion into the Constitution.

3. If the problem is that politicians do not obey the current Constitution, then writing a new one is no solution to that problem. Politicians who ignore the current Constitution would ignore a new one.

2. On July 12, 2016, the Republican platform committee resoundingly rejected a call for an Article V convention, for many good reasons as stated by conservative delegates during a televised session.

1. It is a “horrible idea” to hold an Article V convention, in the words of Justice Scalia, as he explained at a public event in May 2015, and a reporter published his comment. Phyllis Schlafly also always opposed holding an Article V convention.