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The Convention of States is a misleading term for a project that seeks to force an Article V Convention, which is the same as a Con Con.

The Convention of States falsely pretends to limit its Con Con to these issues;

  • fiscal restraints on the federal government;
  • limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government; and
  • and limiting the terms of office of federal government officials

The first item above requires addition of a fiscal note to the state resolutions, as it could result in massive losses to the states in receiving funds from the federal government.

The second item above would likely result in open borders, which are favored by the secret financial supporters of the Convention of States.[1] Federal power is needed to build a wall, close the borders, and enforce laws against illegal immigration.

The third item above is simply a term limits proposal which is there to try to attract support for the Con Con. But Texas does not have term limits, and constitutional amendments to limit terms have been introduced in Congress.

Status of COS in 2017

State status comments


  1. The Koch brothers are supporters of immigration and opposed closing the borders: [1]