Coalition letter against Convention of States

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Coalition Letter in Support of
our U.S. Constitution

The undersigned organizations and individuals stand in defense of our U.S. Constitution, and oppose all attempts under its Article V to convene a new constitutional convention ("Con Con").

State legislation is being pushed by undisclosed donors to force Congress to convene a Con Con supposedly "to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government." Such a convention would open the door to eliminate border security. It would inevitably seek to repeal the Second Amendment while inserting a new requirement for taxpayer-funded abortion. Article V expressly allows the adoption of amendments, plural, without limitation, so a Con Con would probably vastly expand federal power in many undesirable ways, such as expanding federal authority over churches and schools.

Tremendous irrevocable harm would result from a Con Con because it would allow numerous changes to our Constitution with the national media guiding the way.

Justice Antonin Scalia condemned the proposals for an Article V convention as a "horrible idea" months before he unexpectedly passed away. Phyllis Schlafly spoke out strongly against all Article V convention ideas, explaining that they would be "playing Russian Roulette with the Constitution." Chief Justice Warren Burger wrote against the mere suggestion of holding a Con Con. Second Amendment groups like the Gun Owners of America fully oppose it. The Founders themselves were very much against holding another constitutional convention, and many of the greatest American statesmen throughout history spoke out passionately against the idea.

In July 2016 in Cleveland, the Republican Party national platform committee rejected, nearly unanimously, an attempt to adopt a resolution calling for an Article V constitutional convention to enact a Balanced Budget Amendment.

Now the media want to repeal the Electoral College, which properly requires geographical diversity before a presidential candidate can win. Globalists and the media also want to repeal the Treaty Clause, which protects our Nation against harmful treaties with foreign powers by requiring the difficult-to-attain 2/3rds support in the Senate.

The Constitution has never been the problem, and our political leaders should be defending the Constitution rather than falsely pretending that it needs to be changed. Politicians and courts that do not abide by the Constitution today will not abide by a rewritten one tomorrow.

Promoters of the misnamed "Convention of States," which is merely a repackaged Article V "Con Con," fail to comply with state requirements for fiscal notes to disclose the economic impact of their legislation. Reducing federal power to secure our borders, as invited by the Convention of States legislation, would impose billions of dollars in new costs on states. States would be compelled to dole out more entitlements and spend far more combating crime as a result of reduced federal power to stop illegal immigration.


Our U.S. Constitution is the longest, most successful constitution in the history of mankind. It is not for sale, and it is not broken. It should not be "fixed" by secret billionaires having their own hidden agenda of globalism and open borders, views that they conceal with broad platitudes like "limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government."

Far too much is at stake to gamble away the future of our Constitution and our Nation on a runaway constitutional convention. Please speak out against any and all proposals to convene an Article V Convention, including the Convention of States resolutions, and please demand that the undisclosed donors pushing this "horrible idea" identify themselves and disclose their real agenda.

Thank you.


Andrew Schlafly, Esq.
Phyllis Schlafly Eagles

Delegate Bob Marshall (R-13-VA)
Virginia legislator

Tammy Kobza
Phyllis Schlafly Eagles of Iowa

Sue Long
Chairlady of Committee for Constitutional Government

Tamara Scott
Concerned Women for America of Iowa

John Eidsmoe
Professor of Constitutional Law Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy

Aileen Milton
Founder, The Villages Tea Party
President, The Villages Conservative Media

Jayne and Jim Schindler
Colorado Eagle Forum

Publius Huldah
Cookeville, Tennessee

Lynette Indiana
Liberty activist and Tea Party leader, Indiana

Tammy Nichols
President, Idaho Eagle Forum

Eric Olsen
Montana Eagle Forum
Montana Shrugged Group
August Energy Services, LLC

Cathy Marshall
longtime Virginia activist

David R. Usher
Center for Marriage Policy

Shirley Spellerberg
Phyllis Schlafly Eagles of Texas

Barbara Harless
Murphy, TX
Founder - North Texas Citizens Lobby

Joe Miller, Executive Director
United States Justice Foundation

Hal Shurtleff
Director, Camp Constitution

Wynne Coleman, Chair
No Convention of States North Carolina (NoCOS-NC)

Barbara M. Bowman
Alcoa, Tennessee

Judi Caler, President
Citizens Against an Article V Convention

Sevil Kalayci
Vienna, Virginia

Mary Weaver Mann
Fredericksburg, Virginia

Donn Dears
The Villages, Florida

Laurie Cardoza Moore, Th.D
President & Producer, Proclaiming Justice to the Nations (
ECOSOC NGO Special Envoy to the United Nations -

Pete Smith

Herb Titus, Esq.
Constitutional law expert

William J. Olson, Esq.
Conservative Legal Defense and Education Fund

Lee A. Delia
Northport New York

Nancy True
Dallas, Texas

Tim Brown

John Stephens
Constitutional Activist, Mississippi

John Pickerill
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Dr. Jeffrey Atwood
The Villages, Florida

James Kriner
Liberty Defenders of Michigan and Michigan Article V Opposition